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The Yoichi 2000’s is a distillery exclusive from Nikka’s first distillery, Yoichi. This bottle is a blend made from Malt whisky distilled at Yoichi from 2000-2009. The Northern Distillery of Japan gives peated notes with amazing maturing with the sea breeze direct from the Sea of Japan.

The traditional direct-heated coal fire of the ‘Pot Stills’ provides a unique flavour of burnt boldness to the spirit. The romance of the engrained history and heritage at Yoichi is prevalent not only at the Distillery, but also in the making of this expression.

This one is perfect to drink and to collect. There is also Yoichi 1980s and 1990s, but extremely rare to find nowadays.


Colour: Deep Gold
Nose: Floral aroma with muffled peat. Lightly wooded and sweet vanilla. It is a smooth nose but remains captivating to the senses. 
Palate: Stewed fruits and peat. Flavoursome whisky with distinct vanilla. It remains warming with mild spice.
Finish: Medium finish of tingling spice and peat


Type: Single Malt from Yoichi Distillery 
Year: N/A
Age: N/A
Distilled: Between 2000 - 2009
Cask: N/A
Cask Number: N/A
Bottled: N/A
Bottles: N/A
Volume: 500 ml
ABV: 57.0 %
Box: Yes


Considered one of the Grandfather’s of Japanese Whisky, Masataka Taketsuru is the founder of Yoichi Distllery. Established in 1934, it was not until 1936 when the first whisky was produced there. Prior to this, apple juice and apple brandy was made to provide the financial support for growth.

Made from humble beginnings, with big visions, Yoichi has flourished over the years, yet keeping their roots and traditions. When you walk around the distillery you sense time has come to a stand still, surrounded with grey stone and original wood buildings. In this time warp you can sense the traditional approach of Yoichi and see the village like appearance from its first construction. Yoichi was also was the headquarters for Nikka (along with a corporate name change) until the relocation of the headquarters in 1952.

The Yoichi signature expression is a peated flavour. Prior to outsourcing their Malt, they used local peat from Ishikari for their own malting. Nowadays, the malt is imported already peated to approx 5-20 ppm (depending on the usage.)

Developed from Scottish traditions, direct-heated coal fire of the ‘Pot Stills,’ is one of these heritage methods still being used today. This provides a unique flavour of burnt, boldness to the spirit. This heating method is rarely used by other distilleries around the world due to the high cost and level of attention in stilling.

With Yoichi situated near the mouth of the Yoichi River and surrounded by the Furubira, Niki and Akaigawa Mountains; it makes perfect atmosphere for whisky maturation. A cool climate and the local sea breeze wafting from the Yoichi Bay, providing maritime notes from the Sea of Japan. You would expect nothing less than from the most northern distillery from Japan.