Mars Maltage Cosmo

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Mars Maltage ‘Cosmo’ was introduced into the market in July 2015. This is distilled at Shinshu distillery and blended with other single malts imported from Scotland (undisclosed). A superb blend culminating fine Japanese Whisky with stellar Scotch.

The word ‘Cosmo’ comes from the expression of looking up to the stars when at Mt Komagatake.


Colour: Amber
Nose: Upfront aroma of Raspberry and Cherry. With sweet aroma of Soft vanilla.
Palate: An Oak taste with Chocolate, Citrus Fruit and Barley
Finish: Chocolate remains behind. With the finish complemented with white grapes and a hint of plum. 


Type: Blend - Single Malt from Shinshu Distillery, with undisclosed Scotch
Year: N/A
Age: N/A
Distilled: N/A
Cask: N/A
Cask Number: N/A
Bottled: N/A
Bottles: N/A
Volume: 700 ml
ABV: 43.0 %
Box: Yes


Hombo (now called Hombo Mars) entered the alcohol business in the 20 century and made their first alcohol in 1909. Prior to this, they were a cotton processing company.  Their licence for Whisky was approved in 1946 and the Kagoshima Distillery was built in 1949. They focused was not just making Whisky, but also neutral spirit, Plum wine and Sake. 

With the establishment of a solely ‘malt whisky’ Distillery in Yamanashi (1960), there was a more passionate focus for Whisky Production. This came from Kiichiro Iwai and his close relationship with Masataka Taketsuru (the founder of Nikka Whisky). Modelling the Hombo distillery to resemble something close to Yoichi Distillery, was something Iwai-san did.

A few setbacks saw this distillery being closed and a small distillery in Kagoshima being used. Hombo whisky was not as successful as their wine production and some rejuvenated focus were necessary. In 1985 a newly established distillery was founded, ‘Shinshu' and whisky production was booming and warehouses filling. In 1992, the warehouses were full, whisky demand declined and distilling stopped. It was mothballed, but the Whisky left to mature in the warehouses, or it was used as whisky for the ‘High Ball’ boom.

In 2011, the Whisky market recovered and the Pot Stills of Shinshu have fired once again. The new edition of  Tsunuki Distillery allowed further expansion of ‘Mars Hombo,’ where it started making its first spirit in late 2016. Each distillery brings the uniqueness of different expressions through the diverse climate and locations. 

Shinshu (Miyata, Honshu - Central Japan) - Located at the foot of the Mt. Komagatake of the Central Alps, brings a cooler climate, while surrounded by the luscious green forests and fresh air. Shinshu is now the highest Distillery in Japan (since the closure of Karuizawa Distillery). Climatical data: Elevation 798m; Temperature -15°-33°; and 65%-67% Humidity.

Tsunuki (Kagoshima, Kyushu - South Japan) - Is the most Southern Distillery in Main Land Japan and its location gives a warmer and more humid climate. Climatical data: Elevation 60m, Temperature -2°-36°, 70%-72% Humidity.