Chichibu - Ichiro's Malt & Grain

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A lovely blended whisky created by Ichiro-san himself. This delicious vat is made with both malt and grain whisky from Japan as well as some whisky from other countries. Described as "a worldwide blended whisky," the Malt & Grain World Blend is truly an international experience.

Colour: Old Gold
Nose: Freshness provided with some peach and mandarin. The aroma of Malt is mild with the sweetness of Butterscotch. Subtle spice of white pepper
Palate: Biscuit with some dried apricot. Notes of ginger and pepper give the right amount of spice. Vanilla cream provides a sweet taste witch some roasted chestnuts.
Finish: A lingering of tropical fruit and fresh vanilla married into a medium finish 


Type: Blend of World Whiskies
Year: N/A
Age: 3-6 Yrs
Distilled: N/A
Cask: N/A
Cask Number: N/A
Bottled: N/A
Bottles: N/A
Volume: 700 ml
ABV: 46.0 %
Box: No


Ichiro Akuto is the founder of Chichibu Distillery and a revered master craftsman of the Japanese Whisky Industry. Located in Chichibu City (Saitama Prefecture) it is approx 100 Km North-West of Tokyo. Whisky heritage is deep within the Akuto Family, where Ichiro’s Grandfather Hanyu Akuto Isouji was the owner of Hanyu Distillery (closed in 2004). With the closing of Hanyu, Ichiro bought some of the remaining vintage Hanyu Casks leading up the opening of Chichibu.

February 2008 saw the first production of spirit at Chichibu Distillery, making this the first new distillery in Japan when it opened in 1973. The ‘Playing Card Series,’ (with Hanyu Whisky) was some of the first released  bottles from Chichbu, which remain a global sensation to this day.

Innovative whiskies is what makes Chichibu stand out from the other companies of Nikka or Suntory. Remaining small, Chichibu has big dreams and ambitions. Annual Production is approx 110,000 bottles (2018) per a year.