963 - 21 Year

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The Sasanokawa Shuzo Company Limited started whisky production in 1946 and remains a favorite with Japanese whisky enthusiasts to this day. This carefully blended malt whisky is aged giving the 963 a condensed mellow fragrance and the complex flavor that is not to be missed.

Colour: Deep Copper
Nose: Upfront and warming nose with High ABV. Sweetness of vanilla is light, with the combination of pears and cherry.
Palate: Flavour of caramel open the palate, with the lingering of fruit and mild spice
Finish: A medium finish tapering off smoothly


Type: Blend
Year: N/A
Age: 21 Yrs
Distilled: N/A
Cask: N/A
Cask Number: N/A
Bottled: N/A
Bottles: N/A
Volume: 700 ml

ABV: 58.0 %
Box: Velvet Box


Sasanokawa Shuzo Company Limited has started whisky production in 1946. The 8th company head, Tetsuzo Yamaguchi, who made suggestion on whisky production and obtained whisky production license, served as the initial president of Fukushima-KenNan-Syuhan Limited 3 years later. Enthusiastic feelings of the 8th company head Tetsuzo Yamaguchi and both companies are packed in the whisky manufactured by the Sasanokawa Shuzo with traditional technique upon planning by taking advantage of Fukushima-KenNan-Syuhan Limited’s network. This whisky, carefully blending the malt whisky which is strictly selected from various malt whiskies with the grain whisky which is aged for a long time, is aged slowly and thoroughly in wooden casks. Please enjoy the condensed mellow fragrance and the complex flavor.