Tokyo Whisky Festival - 2017

Tokyo Whisky Festival - 2017

The capital whisky Festival in Tokyo is the 'Whisky Festival - 2017.' It was an actioned packed day which started early and finished late. With approx 5,000 people attending; over 70 stalls and countless master classes. A busy but exhilarating day.

The entrance to the Whisky Festival 2017 (Tokyo)

Although the opening of the festival was 11:00 am, there were people lining up the night before to get the festival bottlings. All remained civil in the line, it was just cold. Thankfully many people arrived loaded with whisky and drams were passed around.

Chichibu - Whisky Festival 10th Anniversary (2017)

The Chichibu 'Whisky Festival 10th Anniversary' (Distilled Jul 11 - Cask Ex-Hanyu Hogshead - Cask No. 1435 - Bottled Oct 17) bottle left many disappointed as there were only 150 for sale on the day. If you arrived after 06:00 am you missed out on attaining this gem. Fortunately the other 150 went to bars in Japan and internationally. 

 The line of the Whisky Festival 2017 (Tokyo)

Once the gates opening up the rush was on to purchase any other bottles and once they had all been acquired by the crowds, the focused come to mingle and taste what was on to offer.

Looking our through the busy crowds of Whisky Festival 2017 (Tokyo)

Milwaukee Club Owner with Whisky Enlightenment CEO - Ken Takahashi

Nagahama Whisky stall at Whisky Festival 2017 (Tokyo)

Some Chichibu Single Cask at Whisky Festival 2017 (Tokyo)

It was a busy day at Whisky Festival 2017 (Tokyo)

Alligator Char Owner (Aaron Kovalcsik) gets his festival bottle signed by Ichiro-san

Some new release from Mars Whisky at Whisky Festival 2017 (Tokyo)

Single Cask from Chichibu at Whisky Festival 2017 (Tokyo)

The revered Chichibu Kiyosato bottle range at Whisky Festival 2017 (Tokyo)

Stamford Cullen (Japan Whisky Tours - Director) and Robin from Blackadder Whisky

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