Mars Whisky Tasting Event - Dumbarton, Yokohama

Mars Whisky Tasting Event - Dumbarton, Yokohama

A Mars Premium Whisky Tasting Event was held at Dumbarton, Yokohama on 22 October 2017. This focused on showing quality Whisky from current available stock and also discontinued single cask Whisky. Also during the event we showcased Amber Glass, with each guest been given a complimentary glass. These handblown glasses are from Poland, allowing the guests to drink fine drams in fantastic glassware.

The event was aimed for novices and experienced whisky tasters alike – or indeed anyone interested in Japanese Whisky. The line up is below:

  1. Karuizawa Club
  2. Maltage Cosmo
  3. Tsunagu
  4. Komagatake - Hojo Selection (Distillery Exclusive)
  5. Kohigan-Zakura
  6. Shinano-Tanpopo
  7. Sherry and American White Oak 2011 3-year
  8. Bourbon Barrel, Single Cask #1453 (sold exclusively in the U.S. market)

Before the event started we warmed up the guests with some Iwai Tradition Highballs and then we all got comfortable to listen to Mr Brian Cullen ( Japan Whisky Tours) and watch the presentation of the Whisky.

The combined efforts of Alligator Char and Japan Whisky Tours made this successful.



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