Japanese Whisky Tasting Event - Shanty Shack, Yokohama

Japanese Whisky Tasting Event - Shanty Shack, Yokohama

When it comes to tasting nothing beats discontinued Japanese Whisky. This rare and exclusive event was held on 16 Sep 2017 at Shanty Shack (Yokohama, Japan). Stefan Van Eycken (author of 'Whisky Rising') was the guest speaker and he gave valuable insight in the Golden Age of the Distilleries and the whisky drinkers. Thankfully he stayed around to also do a book signing for the participants of the event.

Stefan Van Eycken - Author of 'Whisky Rising'

The line up was finalised with Japan Whisky Tours (Mr Brian Cullen) and Alligator Char (Mr Aaron Kovalcsik). The focus was on some discounted Whisky along with some distillery exclusives. The line up was the following:

  1. Super Nikka (1980s)
  2. Nikka Pure Malt, Red Label (1980s)
  3. Nikka Takesturu 12 Yrs (1980s)
  4. Miyagikyo - Malty & Soft (Distillery Exclusive)
  5. Miyagikyo - Fruity & Rich (Distillery Exclusive)
  6. Miyagikyo - Sherry & Sweet (Distillery Exclusive)
  7. Miyagikyo - Woody & Mellow (Distillery Exclusive)
  8. Miyagikyo - 2000's  (Distillery Exclusive)

The Whisky Tasting line up

It was fabulous to try these older versions of Whisky and they only had a minor but distinguishable change to their younger brothers. The interesting part of the Nikka Pure Malt, Red Label was the lid. It was like an old milk bottle style. So once it was opened it had to be consumed.

The event was superb with the owner of Shanty Shack (Shigeyuki Kuramochi-san) opening his bar for us to host this exclusive event.

If you are every in Yokohama and want a fantastic, well stocked bar, please check out Shanty Shack.

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