Mars Komagatake – 27 Years (2018)

27, Komagtake, Mars -

Mars Komagatake – 27 Years (2018)

Mars Komagatake – 27 Years is superb and the Komagatake release for the first part of 2018. The four casks draw an exquisite essence of fruity flavours, some spice and sweetness. To round this off it has a great amount of peat.  Kenji Taniguichi has selected amazing casks and blended these to perfection. We were very glad to try this at Mars Distillery with Koki-San (Distillery Manager). I appreciated his couple of hours to walk us around Shinshu Distillery and explain the many intricacies and exciting facts about Shinshu.

  Mars Komagatake 27 Yrs (2018), poured at Shinshu Distillery

The other beautiful part of this bottle is the box. It is a deep metallic blue which looks highly presentable. Great whisky always needs great presentation.

The Blue Box is beautiful

The bottle is very secured and well presented

Tasting Notes:

A wonderful and perfectly balanced whisky, with the freshness of mountain air and forest fruits, help open the whisky. Think of waking in a forest with Japanese Cypress and lush green grass. A gentle breeze of sweetness surrounds you and some spice warms you. The emergence of peat becomes evident as you continue to taste the whisky.

The peat remains undetected in the aroma, it emerges slowly as it enters the mouth and becomes prominent in the finish 

Colour: Polished Mahogany 

Nose: Caramel brûlée , melon, black pepper, cypress

Palate: Forest fruits, black cherry, grassy notes, pear and mild peat

Finish: Long enduring finish of peat warming the senses.

Points: 89

Komagatake 27 Years (2018) – Shinshu Distillery, Mars Whisky – American White Oak #382; distilled 1986 – Sherry Cask #327; distilled 1986 – Sherry Cask #570; distilled 1988 – Sherry Cask #1068; distilled 1990 – Bottled March 2018 – 1246 Bottles – 46.0% ABV

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