Glenfiddich Project XX - Experimental Series No. 2

20, Duff Town, Glenfiddich, Project XX -

Glenfiddich Project XX - Experimental Series No. 2

Project XX, pronounced ’20’ is a unique cask blend from Glenfiddich. They have allowed exclusive access to their warehouses for 20 Whisky Experts from 16 countries. Each selected a cask (17 x Bourbon Barrels, 1 x Port Pipes, 2 x Sherry Butts) to create the marriage of Edition 2 of the Glenfiddich Experimental Series.  

Tasting Notes:

The freshness of this Whisky makes you think of a relaxing time at the beach. The tranquility of the waves breaking on a quiet beach, the first scent of green fruit, bring freshness of apple and pear. A waft of sweetness is only deepened once the gold liquid enters your mouth. It makes you think of a small picnic on the sand with cashews, caramel pieces and some toffee apple. 

As the sunsets, the finish remain drawn out. Balanced with oak and notes of smoke. You feel accomplished by a relaxing day and revitalised to have more. 

Colour: Burnished Gold

Nose: Fruity nose with green apples and pear. Very sweet with subtle maple syrup and a little spice

Palate: Sweetness continues of toffee apples, fresh caramel and a little cinnamon. Mild oak with some cashews.

Finish: Long drawn finish. Oaky and sweet after taste, with a hint of smoke.

Points: 89

Project XX (Glenfiddich) - 2016 - 17 x Bourbon Barrels, 1 x Port Pipes, 2 x Sherry Butts - 47.0 % ABV



No.  Cask  Type Number Who Selected
1 Bourbon Barrel 21939 Jezz Tibini
2 Bourbon Barrel 21900 Jennifer Wren
3 Bourbon Barrel 21897 David Allardice
4 Bourbon Barrel 21877 Claude Fronton
5 Port Pipe 11143 Beth Havers
6 Bourbon Barrel 3841 Ian Millar
7 Bourbon Barrel 3827 Mark Thomson
8 Bourbon Barrel 3820 Mitch Bechard
9 Bourbon Barrel 3818 David Ding
10 Bourbon Barrel 21939 Matthew Fergusson-Stewart
11 Bourbon Barrel 3183 Rachel Rim
12 Bourbon Barrel 3679 Sandy Ivchenko
13 Bourbon Barrel 3666 Jimmy Chan
14 Bourbon Barrel 3509 Carlos MDC
15 Bourbon Barrel 3401 Tony Van Rooitjen
16 Sherry Butt
21892 Sergio Quintana
17 Sherry Butt 21885 Struan Grant Ralph
18 Bourbon Barrel 48085 Denis Pankratov
19 Bourbon Barrel 48081 Christiona Prutti
20 Bourbon Barrel 48080 Markus Heinze



2017 - International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) - Silver Medal 

2018 - International Spirits Challenge (ISC) - Silver Medal

  The entrance to Glenfiddich Distillery

Glenfiddich Experimental Series 

This three part series is designed to look at new expressions of Whisky making. First released in 2016, the first of the series was an IPA Cask. The focus was maturing whisky in IPA beer casks. This is quiet common now between Breweries and Distilleries. It becomes a reciprocated effort and really creates a unique expression for both the beer and Whisky.

The second series was the Project XX (listed above), while the third was the Winter Storm. Here an age statement was added - 21 Yrs. The Whisky is finished in Ice Wine (French Oak) casks. As far as we know, this series is ongoing and it will be interesting to find out what will be released in the near future.

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