Archie Rose Distillery - Australia

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Archie Rose Distillery - Australia

Archie Rose was established a couple of years ago and it is superbly located in Rosebery, Sydney. The location is perfect to catch a quick taxi from the heart of Sydney to this fine distillery (around $18 AUD). Once you get inside you will be amazed by the friendly staff and the well stocked bar, while the functionally distillery is across the walk way. I was surprised with the proximity to the city and I went there, in between going to the airport for my flight back to Japan.

Archie Rose BarArchie Rose bar

While their Single Malt and Grain Whisky are maturing, they have diversified into also distilling Gin and Vodka. This is the hard fact of opening any distillery, as you can be left without income for the next decade as the Whisky is perfected. Archie Rose have taken this onboard while diversifying there market and also operating a fantastic bar (opened in March 2015).

Tu Pac the Spirit Still with Tails being collected from the Condenser

Tours of Archie Rose are sweet and they show you the distilling process from start to finish. At the end of the tour there is a tasting, but only of Gin and Vodka. The Whisky is waiting to come of age for tasting. The tours are by appointment only so you make sure you book before arriving.Gin and Vodka Samples, post tour


I found some uniqueness to the production at Archie Rose to other distilleries. The first comes from it’s location in the city of Sydney and not being able to attain a fresh water source like distilleries in Scotland. Therefore demineralised water is used in the distilling process. Without being able to sample all of the Whisky (even the young stuff), it is hard to judge on how this affects the production, but within a couple of years we will all be the judge of it. The barley used is a combination of Australian, peated Scottish Barley (50ppm) & some chocolate malt. Also the small scale operation bring some different processes. The lack of ‘Spirit Safe,’ means a the spirit is collected by a hose from condenser.

The Tails of the Spirits being collected

The Gin it is made using a ‘Neutral Spirit’ made off site (food grade ethanol 96.6% ABV and broken down to 30.0% ABV when distilling the Gin). I found this interesting and the reason why they are not using there own spirit for this is because they are barely keeping up with their target for Whisky production where they are making 300,000 litres per year. The botanicals are the big thing and I was pleased to hear some of their range is from Australian Fauna. There Limited Edition Range of Horisumi Gin (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring) is a must to try, but it has been a hit and sells out quickly.

Little Wayne the small yet hard working Gin Still

The Grass root feel comes from the small sized and professional team of Archie Rose but also the romance of the fine bar. Cooper, Steel, Oak, and Concrete complement the  construction of the bar where it has also won awards. The names of the stills are very fascinating: Biggie is the Wash Still; Tu Pac for the Spirit Still; and Little Wayne for the Gin Still.

Biggie the Wash Still


A tour ‘is a must to do’ when your in Sydney and have a dram at the bar!


  • Top Three Distilleries in the World - Consumer Experience - Global Distillery Masters (London)
  • World Best Brand Identity - American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Award (USA)
  • Best International Bar - International Restaurant & Bar Design Awards (London)
  • Best New Bar - Concrete Playground - Best of Sydney Awards (Sydney)

The Mash Tun


85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia

 Water chilled Wash Backs